What Is Peruvian Hair And Where To Buy Its Extensions?

Peruvian hair is one of the most demanding hair types, also called multi-purpose hair. Many people around the globe like and trust this hair because of its many good features. This hair is very comfy, and at the same time, it is also silky, lustrous, and light. It also provides volume to your real hair and does not shed quickly.

It is hard to get Peruvian virgin hair as it is not usually available. However, buying 100% human hair does wonders and gives you quality hair extensions. It looks so natural that a person will not identify it as an extension unless you tell them so. 

Pure virgin hair gives you the ultimate satisfaction, making you look completely natural. Here, we will discuss Peruvian hair, its origin, its features, and why you should get one. We will also help you find where you can buy the best hair extensions. 

What Is the Origin Of Peruvian Human Hair?


Peruvian natural Hair is one of the most natural forms of Hair from Peru, a country in South America. Mostly the hair comes from remote villages in the country. But, due to the low population, the country has a mix of Spanish and Indian immigrants. So, the Peruvian hair bundles can sometimes be curly and straight. It also comes in natural light or dark brown color. The tropical climate of Peru also helps these hair grow healthy and voluminous. 

Is Peruvian Natural Human Hair?

To understand whether Peruvian virgin hair is completely human hair or not, you need to know its different types. When hair is labeled as 100% natural human hair, then it is usually complete human hair. But, it differs in quality and is referred to as standard, Remy, virgin, and raw hair. 

Standard Hair

Standard hair is the most low-quality human hair, which is the combing waste or the fallen hair processed to make it look healthier. 

Remy Hair

Remy human hair is better in quality than the first one. But, they are also chemically processed hair to make the hair look glossy and soft. 

Virgin Hair

Now comes the virgin hair, which is neither processed by any chemical nor dyed. It is better quality, healthier, and long-lasting than Remy hair. This hair is usually cut from a single donor. It is a steamed process to keep the hair texture in the same pattern. 

Raw Hair

Raw hair is the highest quality of Peruvian human hair. It is completely unprocessed and collected from a single donor. It is one of the most expensive ones, due to which people rarely buy it. 

What Are the Features Of Peruvian Virgin Hair?

Straight peruvian hair is one of the most popular hair types due to many reasons. It is its features that make it famous among women and girls. Here, you will know some of the vital features of this hair that make it highly demanding. 

Easy to Maintain And Style

Whether it is Peruvian curly hair or Peruvian straight hair, this type of hair has a nice shine. It is easy to maintain and give any form of hairstyle. The hair also holds the curls, and the color stays for a long time. It is an ideal option when you want to rock your curly hair. You need to provide a little maintenance to keep the hair’s original texture. 

Durable And Voluminous 

The hair is durable and can easily combine with any form of hair, like Brazillian Hair. With proper care, it lasts longer and retains its shiny, silky, and smooth texture. The Peruvian hairs are also voluminous as compared to other types of hair. A few bundles of Peruvian hair are enough to make it look natural. Also, a large amount of bundle can make it appear unnatural. 

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Healthy and Easy Blends With Other Hair Types

As this hair undergoes minimal to no chemical processing, it can maintain its natural form. Due to this, each strand of the hair remains healthy and shiny. The high-density and coarse texture of the hair easily blend with all hair textures. It makes it look the same as your real hair. Further, it also gives a natural shine that does not make it look unnatural. 

Why Should You Buy A Peruvian Natural Hair Extension?

There are many benefits of buying an extension made of Peruvian natural hair. Above, you have got an idea of its features. Now, let’s know why women and girls prefer to buy it. 

Naturally Luxurious

The best part of this hair is its natural shine, just like your real hair. That is why people fail to identify it as an extension when you wear it. Also, the hair is cut directly from the donor; this virgin hair provides a natural shine and texture. The Peruvian virgin is minimally processed or not processed at all. It is naturally smooth, soft, lustrous, and tangle resistant. 


The Peruvian virgin hair extensions come in various patterns to choose from. You can use it and style it in different ways- straight, wavy, or curly. It is a perfect option whether you want to give it a simple look or a party look. Also, Peruvian natural hair comes in many styles, and one of the most popular hair extensions is the Peruvian deep wave hair


Along with a soft and shiny texture, this hair is also light in weight. It won’t feel heavy on your head, and you completely forget you are wearing an extension. Wearing 4 bundles of Peruvian virgin hair extensions also does not make it heavy. The hair also does not irritate and quickly mixes up with your natural hair. 

Where to Buy the Best Peruvian Natural Hair Extension?

Peruvian virgin hair is the most sought human hair extension. Many brands provide various types of Peruvian hair. But, before buying an extension, you must first consider the quality and price. 

Sinkor Hair is a leading brand that offers a variety of hair extensions, such as Peruvian, Brazilian, Eurasian, and Indian Hair. Our extensions are very silky, have natural luster, and are soft to the touch. Each one is well-maintained and has double weft sealing and no shedding. We provide premium quality hair at an affordable price. 

Also, the price of our hair wigs and extensions ranges from low to high, depending on the type. We also have a variety of colors and styles of hair for different occasions. 


Peruvian hair extension is great if you want a natural hair look. It provides volume to the hair and does not feel heavy on your head. It is lightweight, durable, and versatile to give it any hairstyle. The hair is also comfortable when worn and gives you a bouncy feel. Along with this, the curly waves of the Peruvian natural Hair also look good and are suitable for people who are more into curls. 

If you want to buy Peruvian 100% human hair extensions, shop from Sinkor Hair. Our online collection showcases different types, styles, colors, and lengths of hair extensions. Whether you want straight, curly, or deep wave hair extensions, we offer all of them. We also have an extensive range of frontals and closures, hair pieces, wigs, and hair care products. 

We also offer salon services, including haircuts, straightening, thermal styling, hair coloring, full and partial highlights, removal of chemical buildup, etc. To book our budget-friendly family salon service, you can contact us at (302) 464-3292.

Frequently Asked Questions

This hair is one of the most superior hair extensions. A genuine Peruvian virgin hair does not get tangled easily. It even does not get shed and is versatile to give it any hairstyle.

The Peruvian natural hair weaves are less shiny than the Malaysian ones. The first one is also more coarse than the second one. Malaysian hair is generally dark brown, whereas Peruvian hair comes in light, deep, dark colors.

To make your extension last longer, you must care for it properly. A proper wash with a clarifying shampoo and then good conditioning is necessary. You must also protect it from excessive heat by applying heat protectant sprays while using a heat styling tool. Also, it is vital to use cold water to wash the extension.

This kind of hair usually lasts for a year (potentially for two years). It entirely depends on how you take care of the hair. It is good to re-apply the weaves every two months to maintain their natural texture, color, and shine.

Yes, you can apply oil to your Peruvian human hair extension. You can use the extension just like your natural hair. You can detangle your hair by applying coconut or olive oil to the scalp and natural hair.

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