What Is A Lace Closure, Its Types, & Where To Buy It From?

Lace closures are the hairpieces that mainly come in 4×4 inch sizes. It is like frontals only but comes with more hairstyle limitations. The closure is used to close off the hair wig or to create a specific style. A lace closure is placed at the top of the head in the middle. It helps cover the temple of the head to the temple size. These closures are usually thinner and more flexible than silk closures. 

Many types of closures are there in the market, such as free-part, three-part, and middle-part. You can use the three-part closure to part the hair in three ways, whereas you can choose the middle part to get one style option. Also, to style the hair of your wish, you can choose the most versatile form of closure, free-part. It also provides a natural look to your style and does not look like a wig when worn. 

Hair closure can be applied anywhere on the hair in order to create the illusion of your scalp. You can place it at the center or the sides of the front part of the head. Closure can be sew-in or glued in place. Among women, sew-in closures are more popular.    

What Are The Various Types of Lace Closure?


This type of closure is perfect if you want a natural-looking and seamless closure wig. It is a hair piece made by threading a lace with natural hair, and then it is created in the form of finished hair bundles or wigs. There are three types of lace closure: free-part, middle-part, and three-part.  

Free Part Closure

Free-part closure is a type of closure that offers more versatility. You can part it part anywhere all over the closure. With this, you can make any hairstyle. You can create any deep part or a zig-zag style like your natural hair. 

Middle-Part Closure

As the name says, it is a closure that can be parted from the middle part. It provides an easy installation of closure wigs as these are pre-plucked and has pre-made part. But, if the closure wig or extension has a full lace, it provides the freedom to part anywhere by sprinkling a little water and creating a part with a comb. 

Three-Part Closure

With this closure, you would be able to create three different partings with ease. It allows you to produce different hairstyles with three permanently placed parting options. You can find its three hair parting on the left, on the right, and in the middle. 

What Are The Various Pros Of A Lace Closure Wig?

human hair wigsThe closure is something that most women like to use as it offers many benefits. Below are some that will make you love this form of closure. 

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Requires Low Maintenance 

Unlike frontals, closures do not require heavy maintenance. Simple proper care can help your closure last for an extended period. You can include washing, conditioning, and detangling in order to take care of your wig and maintain it. You must take off your closure at the end of each day and apply it back the next day. 

Last For A Longer Time 

Whether you use a sew-in wig or lace closure, they last longer than frontals. But proper maintenance is required to keep it long-lasting. Lace wigs are also more suitable to wear in warmer weather. It is because closure wigs do not require too much customizing and gluing like that of frontal wigs, which lose their glue after 2 to 3 weeks. 

Protects Your Hair

While using closure, there is no issue of color blending or texture of your hair. It does not allow you to color your natural hair to match it with the weave. There is also no requirement to apply any heat. Instead, you have to color the closure of your choice. In this way, you can safeguard your natural hair from artificial dyes. Also, the closure allows you to experiment with a lot of color and style without damaging your natural hair. 

What Are the Various Cons Of A Lace Closure?

wigs for women

Along with the pros, this form of closure wigs or extensions also has cons. Below are some of them. But, these are not so big as their advantages.  

Not Versatile

A lace wig is not versatile as it offers a few styling options. With this, you can create only three styles: free-part, middle-part, and three-part. You cannot make a ponytail with a closure wig or extension. But this is not an issue with the 360 lace frontals that let you create a ponytail and style it in multiple ways. 

Requires Exact Size

If you are considering getting a closure weave, you must buy a wig that perfectly fits your head. It means you must know the exact size of your head. If you are not aware of it, you must measure it accurately. An unfit closure may not set correctly in your head. So, it is vital that you must know your accurate head size to find the best fit. 

Requires Readjustment

Natural hair grows over time, and whenever it grows, it pushes your closure weave out of the way. You must adjust your wig every four weeks whenever it slips from its place. 

Where Can You Buy The Best Lace Closure?lace hair extensions

A closure is a hair piece that completes your entire look and is great for styling your extension or wig. But picking the best one is the key to a flawless and versatile hairstyle. If you want to invest in a closure, try to select a high-quality wig. You can purchase the closure from the market or online. But online shopping provides more convenience. 

Sinkor Hair is a leading brand that provides good quality closures of different sizes. Whether you want a 13×4 lace wig or a 4×4 lace closure, we have covered them all. All of these are virgin hair that has not undergone any processing. We also have various lace wigs or extensions textures that can be colored or bleached. It can also be styled using any heat styling tool. You can also buy any type of closure from us, whether you are looking for a free-part, middle-part, or three-part.  


A lace closure is great for elevating the look of your extension or natural hair and is ideal for creating a scalp illusion. It helps create a specific style or to close off your hair wig. These closures also come in various types, sizes, and textures. The most common closure size is 4×4 inches and is placed on the top of the head. You can also add bangs with the closure to look more beautiful. 

Whether you love straight, curly, or wavy hair wigs, Sinkor Hair has all of them. We provide all sizes and types of lace closures. All our hair wigs and extension are made with high-quality virgin hair and are unprocessed. If you want a high-quality closure, you can visit the online store of Sinkor Hair or can visit us offline at 4446 Summit Bridge Rd, Middletown, DE 19709.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first difference between them is the size in which closure comes in 4X4 inches, whereas frontals usually come in 13×4 inches. Also, wearing frontals allow you to create more styles, whereas closure gives you a limited styling option. But there are various types of closures that can provide you with a few styling options.

A lace wig is more reasonable than the frontals. It is suitable for people who want to hide the visible gaps between the hairs. Also, there is a need for minor maintenance, which stays in its place for an extended time.

The price varies depending on the hair’s type, length, and quality. It also differs from one brand to another. But, if you buy from Sinkor Hair, you can get it at an affordable price. The price of our closure starts from a low price of $40.00.

When you compare the silk closure with the lace one, the second one is naturally more flexible and thinner than the first one. Also, the lace one is easy to install and perfectly sets in your head, resulting in a natural, flat hair look.

Of course, you must do it. Washing and conditioning are vital to maintain the closure and keep it long-lasting. You must wash it with cool water and avoid using an excess of heat styling tools.

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