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Sinkor Lush Hair Growth Scalp Balm is an effective topical remedy for adult slow hair growth, hair loss, and dry irritated scalp conditions. Delivers nutrients vitamins natural butter and oil in a protective layer on kids developing scalp. This amazing nourishing balm promotes fast hair growth and is made with a blend of natural ingredients including shea, coconut, lanolin, vitamins, nutrients, natural and essential oil blends that help lubricate and protect and keep the scalp healthy and moisturized; stimulates hair follicles for optimal growth; strengthens fragile and new growth hair; protects the scalp from infection and prevents hair fall. Use during styling to ease scalp tightness from braids puffs and ponytails; use around the hairline to prevent breakage and receding hairline and hair bump.

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2 reviews for scalp therapy balm

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    Nice product!

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    Veronica Smith

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