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Sinkor Hair

Edge Control (24p)

Edge Control (24p)

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Grab this exclusive hair oil from Sinkor Hair, a perfect product for you to maintain your hair life. This oil is a Neem Rosehip Rosemary Oil which is used to assure growth and gives long-lasting control to your hair. Apply and gently style with fingers, with a fine-tooth comb, or a small brush. For best results, you can finish by using a wrap styling strip or scarf that allows it to set on your hair. This hair is good for your hair as it is completely chemical-free. Buy it now and give the care that your hairs deserve.

The edge control hair oil is the best product for maintaining the life of your hair. The neem, rosehip, and rosemary hair oil give your hair the perfect growth boost and control. Using a fine-tooth brush, you can gently and evenly apply the oil on your scalp. The product is chemical-free so that it won't damage your hair. It is the ultimate hair care product to finish your routine. We have a huge hair care product range . If you wish to try natural products that won't harm your hair, check out our complete range to get the best results.

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