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Sinkor Hair

Body Wave 2 Bundle with 4×4 Closure

Body Wave 2 Bundle with 4×4 Closure

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Want more waves and less volume? The body wave hair bundles are the best pick with an ‘S’ shape and less volume. Body wave extensions are easier to style, whether it is a straight or curly hair updo. You can style your hair extensions easily using a curling rod or flat iron. With medium brown lace, our hair extensions look natural when you wear them. Body wave bundles are suitable for individuals with any hair texture. These curls look more relaxed than the other curly-textured hair types. Our body wave hair extensions are versatile. You can bleach and color your body wave extensions in any color without damaging or shedding a lot of hair.

A hair bundle is the bundle of hair collected from the donor. So we call it a bundle because of its look. A closure is a small hairpiece or top unit that customizes the bundle while wearing it. It is made from 100% human hair.

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