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Hair extension style hacks you must know

Hair extensions prove to be a blessing when you desire to do new hairstyles without damaging your natural hair. Applying different gels and hair wax on natural hair can damage it terrifically but, with the hair extension, there is no guilt about damaging the natural hair, and you can try many hairstyles guilt-free. One can go from bouncy curls to beach waves, braids to ponytails, high buns to frizzy straight many more. Moreover, the hairstyle one can make from hair extensions cannot be counted on fingers. Besides making a new hairstyle, our extension section provides some tremendous styled extensions, which you only have to install on your scalp, and the new style is ready. Some simple hairstyle hacks you can try in your daily routine before using hair extensions can be:

  • Toss your natural hair: If you have thin natural hair, always toss your hair in small strands by partitioning the hair, adding more texture so making your natural hair hold the extension strongly.
  • Back brush your hair: If you have fine smooth hair and you fear extensions to be in place, it’s always good to advise to backcomb your hair’s root before spraying dry shampoo on the area. This new texture makes the extension harder to slip.
  • A classy ponytail: A ponytail never goes out of fashion, but tying a tight ponytail is never a better option for natural hairs as it can damage the roots of our hair. But, using straight hair ponytail extensions, you can go classy and sassy in daily life without hurting your scalps.
  • Cover the shorter hairs from the bottom braid: Sometimes, we try to add a new look, trying new long hair extensions over our shout hair. But, it is vital to hide tiny hairs perfectly so that it doesn’t pop out through the extension from anywhere. To prevent this from happening, collect the hair at the back of the neck and braid it from the bottom up. Secure the braid with bobby pins and apply for the extensions and then undo the braid.
  • Using hair extension hangers for styling: Once hair extension is installed, it becomes tough to style any form, but when you hang the hair extension on their hangers and do the styling, it becomes easier to style and then wear it flawlessly.
  • Pre-curl your extension a day before the event: The significant advantage of using a hair extension, in any event, is that you can curl your hair a day before the event and can leave the extension untouched and ready to be used on the event day. This gives you time to style your hair correctly and helps you save your time on the event’s day.
  • Use the right hairbrush: Combining the hair with the extension installed is tricky and can spoil your hard work done in hair styling. So, it is always advisable to use the right hairbrush, the unique nylon loop bristles hairbrush. The brush is designed to prevent any snagging, pulling, or damage to the wefts and help in detangling any wefts around.

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