Which Are The Better Hair Extensions: Eurasian Hair VS Brazilian Hair

Whether you want versatility in your hair or recovering from the pain of the wrong haircut, hair extensions will help you achieve the looks you want to try. However, keeping your hair healthy and protected from pollution and chemicals used in hair care products has become difficult. These factors contribute to hair loss, damage, and breakage. Nowadays, women opt for hair extensions to protect their real hair from all these problems and keep them healthy. Also, these extensions add volume to the hair, making it easy to have new and different hairstyles daily.

When we talk about hair extensions, there are primarily two types of extensions that enjoy most of the popularity. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Eurasian hair extensions and Brazilian hair extensions. 

However, the popularity of these two hair extension types makes it hard for women to choose one among them. Especially when you are new to the hair extensions world and don’t know which Hair extensions would be the right choice. To simplify the dilemma, let’s figure out which among Eurasian Hair and Brazilian Hair is a better choice. 

First Up, Let’s Talk About Eurasian Hair

Eurasian hair comes from mixed races of European and Asian people. The mix of ancestry of these two origins gives thick and fuller hair. These hairs are a hundred percent natural with no chemicals and bleach. Eurasian Hair has a soft, silky texture and a medium to dark brown shade. 


It is one of the most expensive hairs because of its rarity. The Eurasian Hair is collected in bulk, cleaned, and transformed into extensions for you. The people who sell their hair know how much effort it takes for the final product to be ready. That is why they are in so much demand. 

This hair is bought at a very high price from women worldwide. So naturally, the final product is expensive as well. These are very natural hair extensions that come in many colors and hairstyles. 

Types Of Eurasian Hair

There are three different forms of Eurasian Hair. Below, you can learn in detail about the types:

Raw Hair

This is the raw version of Eurasian Hair. Raw Hair provides the most natural form of this hair type. This is because there is not much processing in this method of wig-making. If you look for this hair in the genuine market, it is usually expensive.

Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair does go through a steaming process. This hair type also has a smooth and shiny texture. Virgin Hair is very popular and highly purchased in the market.

Remy’s hair


The most popular form of hair in the market. It is of higher quality than all kinds of hair extensions. This hair gets very little processing and, sometimes, only a little coloring process. You can find the cuticles perfectly intact and aligned. As a result, my hair has a lot of demand. 

Why Should You Buy Eurasian Hair?


Eurasian hair is exotic and rare. They are known for their smooth and silky texture. Because of this, many people prefer virgin Eurasian Hair over any other type of hair. The reason for this choice is set down below:

Best Quality

If you find authentic Eurasian Hair, it is one of the best quality hair you can buy. That is why they are so popular and in high demand. The cuticles are aligned and intact. Eurasian Hair has more volume and bounces than any other hair type. The density in this hair type gives you the most natural look. Therefore, you can achieve your ideal look without the use of many extensions or bundles.

Long Lasting

The most prominent quality of this hair is that it is long-lasting. It provides great durability, keeping the hair in excellent form for over 12 months. Proper maintenance can extend its lifespan. It is also easy to care for this hair type. Only proper cleaning and conditioning can maintain its texture and give silky hair.

No Tangling Or Shedding

Another excellent feature of this hair type is that you get relief from tangles or sheds. They are expensive because they are made of such great quality that you don’t have to suffer from problems like these. Good care and maintenance never let the hair dry and retain its moisture. It also prevents tangling or shedding of the hair. 

The Texture Of Eurasian Hair

Eurasian Hair has texture in its form. They vary from natural, straight, curly, wavy air. The hair has soft and fine particles. They are lightweight and mix well with your original hair. Furthermore, the specialty of Eurasian Hair is that it can blend easily with your real hair color and texture.

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Blends Easily

The soft and natural texture can blend with your natural hair. Whether your hair is coarse or soft, this hair type takes no time to mix with your hair. It gives a real and natural appearance and does not appear fake or that you have extensions on.

Moving On To Brazilian hair


Do you also want all-natural-looking hair while you protect your real hair from damage and pollution? You can rest your search with Brazilian hair extensions.  

Unlike any other type of Hair, Brazilian hair is very popular. It is one of the highest-selling hairs in the market. Genuine Brazilian hair is unprocessed so that it can be easily styled and colored and requires less maintenance.

Donors collect Brazilian Hair from South America, South Africa, and parts of Brazil. It is a high-quality hair that is used in the making of wigs and hair extensions. This quality of Brazilian hair holds curls much more easily than any other kind of hair. This hair type is thick and also has the potential to hold hair dye with much ease. This thickness often needs very few bundles or extensions to give full volume. 

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Various Types Of Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair has three types of hair. These types are:



Brazilian hair is naturally straight. Straight Brazilian hair is flowy, soft, and voluminous. The straight texture is not bone straight and has a light wave. Straight hair can be styled into any hairstyle, and you can have any hair length.



Brazilian hair is thick and can not break easily. This hair type can blend with your natural hair with ease. Wavy hair does not require any special type of maintenance and can last for a long time.



Curly hair is the sexiest form of hair. Brazilian hair has a bounce that looks very enticing in curly form. Curly hair can transform your look in a second. Brazilian curly hair has a shine and a smooth texture that looks good.

Why Should You Choose Brazilian Hair?


Brazilian hair is beautiful and has a luxurious texture. It has been gaining popularity over the last few years. It is a great type of hair that makes even better hair extensions. It is the most natural hair that can last for a long time and gives you natural-looking hair.

Below, we have listed why you can choose Brazilian hair extensions.

The Texture Of Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair has a very similar texture to native Indian and African Hair. They are naturally curly and wavy, and the color is dark brown. It has a beautiful bounce and texture. It comes in at least three types of texture. Straight, wavy, and curly. The straight hair is also not completely straight and has some light waves. 

Long Lasting

Authentic Brazilian hair can last longer compared to other virgin hair types. It usually lasts longer than one year with good care of the hair. Proper maintenance and care can prolong the life of this hair type. Please ensure the hair is clipped in properly and receive adequate cleaning and care. 

Easy To Style

The wigs or extensions made from Brazilian hair are high in quality and made from all-natural human hair. These natural strands of hair are easier to style and dye. You can do any hairstyle or make them of the desired length to match your natural hair. Or you can also color them to make your hair funky. 

Easy To Wear

Once you learn how to apply this hair, it becomes easier to apply it yourself every time. You will find a simple loop to clip the hair on your head easily. Putting the hair by yourself will make it easier because you will know which spot needs it most. 

Fuller Volume

Brazilian hair types have more bounce and volume than any other type available. Fewer strands or bundles are required to make the hair look voluminous. The hair’s volume is why it can hold more moisture and curls easily. 

Who Wins The Battle: Eurasian Hair Vs. Brazilian Hair

Brazilian and Eurasian Hair have their own qualities. You can style them with any style, length, and color. People who like curls should opt for Brazilian hair. However, Eurasian Hair is more suitable if you want a more natural-looking hair type.

In our opinion, Brazilian hair is more suitable for many people when choosing a wig or hair extension. It has the same plus a few added qualities as Eurasian Hair. However, the choice remains entirely on you. So, do you want a completely natural-looking hair look (Eurasian Hair) or a lot of options in low maintenance and easy-to-care-for hair extensions (Brazilian hair)? 

Well, no matter which road you decide to take when it comes to high-quality and completely natural hair extensions, bundles, frontals & closures, and wigs, Sinkor Hair is the name thousands trust, and you can too.

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