Collection: 100% virgin Peruvian Remy Hair

If you have shiny, voluminous, and healthy hair, your outfit will always look more put together. To get all that you are looking for, you can check out our whole range of hair extensions to get amazing-looking hair. And there is nothing better to get a new look than Peruvian hair extensions. This hair type is smooth, silky, and shiny. These extensions are perfect for changing your look or adding length and volume to your hair. To offer you the best quality, we use Remy hair to make wigs and extensions. Our extensions are completely natural and have not been chemically processed at all. They come with their cuticles intact and in the same direction. You can bleach or dye the hair extensions without damaging them. These hair extensions are highly versatile, and you can also style these in whatever way you desire.

Peruvian Tight Curly Hair Virgin Curl

Tights curls are all the trend this season. So, getting a Peruvian curly hair extension is a perfect choice. These extensions have tight ringlets that look soft, bouncy, and shiny. Peruvian hair is generally curled using steam to create tight curls. The durability of the Peruvian mink virgin hair type makes it easy to hold the curls even during humid and hot weather conditions. Our curly extensions are unprocessed human hair with the cuticles aligned. These are also perfect for styling, bleaching, and coloring. These extensions are natural black with minimum gray hair and no lice. To keep the hair from shedding or breaking, we use double-weft sealing.

Peruvian Loose Wave Hair Virgin Hair

The loose wave hair will give your hair the perfect wavy texture that does not lose shape and offers volume and length. This hair type is mostly known for its wavy and slightly coarse hair texture. These hair extensions are airy, soft, and light in texture. And the shine of our mink virgin hair extensions makes them look soft and healthy. These hair extensions are unprocessed, so you can die or bleach them without making them lose their shine or quality. Using heat styling tools, you can also style your hair in whichever way you like. Our extensions go through a strict quality check to ensure that there are no lice and minimum gray hair in your extensions. The color of our loose Peruvian hair bundles is a natural black with double weft sealing that will stop hair loss. The texture of these extensions makes them resistant to sun damage and stay in a longer and better condition.

Peruvian Deep Wave Hair 100% Human Hair

The Peruvian deep wave hair extensions are versatile. With the bouncy and beautiful curly texture of these extensions, you can create many styles. And with proper care, you can use these extensions for even a year. Our deep wave mink virgin hair extensions are the best quality Peruvian hair extensions that you will get your hands on. To add the desired texture to your hair, you can use heating tools like a curling iron or flat iron. The quality of our products is strictly checked before being packed. You will get the healthiest and lice-free hair extensions that will enhance the appearance of your already beautiful hair. The natural black color of our extensions provides you with the most luscious and shiny-looking locks.

Peruvian Body Wave Hair Quality Virgin Hair

Body wave extensions are the best choice if you want naturally wavy and smooth hair. These extensions are made using virgin mink hair (the highest quality human hair). The body wave hair extensions are not processed and do not have any gray hair or parasite in them. You can put up your hair in many different ways and styles. It is also easy to bleach or color these extensions. To avoid shedding and make them strong, we have used double-weft sealing. These extensions are also perfect for heat-styling tools. Try these if you want natural volume and length in your hair.

Mink Silky Straight Hair 100 Peruvian Hair

The mink silky Peruvian straight hair from our website is perfect for you if you want straight and shiny hair extensions. The mink hair is the best quality extension that is available overall. These are the highest quality virgin hair, making them extremely soft, thick, and luscious. All our hair extensions have a better and longer life. You can bleach or dye your hair extensions into any color to get a makeover. These are unprocessed human hair extensions with cuticles arranged in a line. Natural black hair extensions are good for styling in a straight or curly hairstyle. Our extensions do not shed because of the double weft sealing. They are also free of lice and gray hair.

Care Tips For Your Extensions

To enhance the lifetime of your hair extensions, you can use these hair care tips-
  • To avoid breakage, you should gently detangle your strands with a conditioner. Detangling them after washing and during the conditioner stage will help you easily remove the knots and avoid shedding or breakage.
  • Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo so you can stay without washing them for longer and keep them extra clean.
  • Try air-drying your hair extensions as much as possible to avoid unnecessary heat damage.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush to brush your hair properly.
  • Use heat protectant sprays when curling or straightening your hair using heat styling tools.
  • When preparing to sleep, wrap a silk scarf around your hair or use a silk pillow to avoid tangling and making your hair frizzy.
  • Silk scarf also assists in keeping the extensions stay in their original shape for longer.
  • Wash your hair with cold water to give your hair a healthier and shinier look.