Collection: Hair Pieces

Hair extensions clip-in is the perfect addition to your hair accessory collection. Clip-ins are ideal for experimenting with hair length, style, and color. Clip-ins can offer you a new style instantly. You can straighten, curl, wash, brush, and style your hair any way you want without damaging your natural hair. Clip-in extensions are easy to use, and you can attach them to your hair within a few minutes. You can take your style to another level with these extensions. Available in different textures and sizes, these extensions will feel like your natural hair and behave the same. Because our extensions look natural, they are undetectable when you use them under your real hair. You don’t have to worry about our extensions feeling fake or synthetic because they are made using real human hair. They are available in regular clip in style extensions and ponytail hair extensions.

Sinkor Natural Curl Ponytails

Ponytail hair extensions are a smarter way of adding length and volume to your pony. These curly hair clip ins do not require you to commit to them. Our natural curl ponytail extensions stay all day long and are made using the highest quality, unprocessed human hair. The natural curly ponytail extension adds a fun element to your hair and makes them look voluminous. Our extensions do not cause causing any irritation or itching all day long because they are made using comfortable swiss lace. Our Remy hair extensions are detachable with double weft sealing so you can use them at your convenience. You can wear our extensions at any place and at any time.

Sinkor Mongolian Curly Ponytails

The Mongolian curly hair ponytails are extremely voluminous. They are extremely easy to attach to your hair and are perfect even if you want to wear them every day. You can attach them in place using the clips. The lace base material of these extensions makes them soft and easy on the skin. The ponytail is made using unprocessed Mongolian human hair with all the cuticles aligned so they look natural and real. The curl in our extensions offers perfectly healthy and shiny loose ringlets. This ponytail is lightweight and will not weigh your head down. You don’t need regular touch-ups to go on with your day. This extension type will instantly change your style without having to change your natural hair look. Our extensions are free of parasites and have the least amount of gray hair compared to other brands.

Sinkor Hair Straight Ponytails

Sinkor straight hair clip ins ponytail extensions are perfect for making a straight and sleek ponytail. To make your sleek ponytail look denser and gorgeous, you can add our straight ponytail extensions for instant volume in your hair. All you have to do is make a ponytail like usual and attach this clip in extension to your ponytail using the clip and wrap the extra piece around the top of your ponytail to hide the attached section. These extensions are very practical and made with Remy human hair. You can bleach or dye the extensions to give your hairstyle a new fun element. Our curly hair extension clip is made using natural human hair; therefore, they won’t get much damaged with any chemical treatment.

Straight Tapes

Straight tapes are the perfect hair extensions that can add volume and length to your natural hair. Just like ponytail extensions, these straight tapes are easy to install. The extensions are cuticle aligned, so they look real when you add them to your open hair. These hair tapes are made using Indian hair, the most durable and strong hair type. Choosing a real hair extension has its benefits. For example, they will blend easily with your hair. The double weft sealing in all our extensions ensures no shedding. If you want to change your hairstyle someday, you can use a flat iron or a curling rod to change their texture. Our extensions are easy and safe to use. They also give you the freedom to choose the hairstyle that you want.

Sinkor Body Wave Ponytails

The body wave ponytail extension gives movement to your hair. If you want a light wavy texture in your hair, Sinkor Body wave ponytails are an amazing addition to your hair accessories. With body wave extensions, you achieve a good amount of volume, making them perfect for styling. For instance, you can use them to make messy buns and half-up and half-down ponytails. Because of Remy's hair, the wave ponytail extensions look natural. Attached to a swiss lace, these extensions will stay in place and won’t slip down or get loose. To avoid shedding, our extensions are made using the double-weft sealing technique. The unprocessed and virgin hair extensions are free of any chemicals. You can style or color your hair according to your preferences. These are also available in different lengths so that you can choose the ideal length according to your wishes. No matter what your favorite ponytail style is, we have all types of clip-in extensions that will help you get your desired look. All our extensions are made using unprocessed real human hair. So, switch up your style with the help of our extensions. You can choose from various lengths, textures, and hair types for the perfect look. We create the most gorgeous and original hair extensions. Our extensions will easily blend in with your natural hair, giving you the best experience. We have so many beautiful hair extensions that you would want to try them all. So, get ready to style our beautiful locks in many different ways.