Collection: Eurasian Hair

If you are bored of your old hair texture or style and looking to try something new with good density and a silky smooth finish, try Eurasian hair extensions. And add volume, change the color of your hair, increase your hair length or completely change your style effortlessly. Wear these extensions curly or straight. However, you like it without damaging your natural hair. All our hair extensions are made using natural human hair, so there is no fear of damaging your natural hair with chemicals or colors. These new types of hair extensions are perfect for offering you fullness and shine to your hair. These are rare and high-quality and are collected from women of Asian and European backgrounds. The density of this hair type is quite like Brazilian hair extensions, but the texture is more on the finer side.

The Best Eurasian Hair Extensions Made For You

We have two types of Eurasian hair extensions in straight and body wave hairstyles. Let us help you find the difference and choose which will suit you the best.

Eurasian Straight Hair

Our Eurasian Straight Hair extensions are made using human hair, which means they will blend well with your real hair and are durable. All our extensions are the same in size and quality. Our natural straight hair extensions are available in ten different colors. You can choose a color that matches your hair, or you can choose something fun and new. Our products are clean and healthy. So you can use them straight out of the pack. Moreover, you do not have to be worried about the quality of our extensions. We take strict measures to ensure that all our extensions are free of lice and other parasites. Also, you don't have to take special care of these extensions to ensure they remain healthy. You can treat them as your natural hair. You can curl your hair with the help of a curling wand or straighten them using a flat iron, and it won't damage its quality. No matter what hair texture you choose, you will only get shiny and luscious hair at the end.

Eurasian Body Wave Hair

The Eurasian body wave hair offers natural-looking loose waves. Our body wave hair adds instant fullness and volume to your hair. Also, if you wish to have those bouncy-looking hair any time of the day, then these are the hair extensions to go for. These extensions are perfect for adding a wavy texture to your hair so that you can create as many hairstyles as you like. These hair extensions are very easy to style and can hold curls for hours without any touch-ups. If you want them to look sleek, you can make them pin straight. These hair extensions suit every hair texture and blend effortlessly well with African American hair. The hair has a soft and smooth feel. They also look healthy and shiny, no matter how you style them. These hair extensions require deficient maintenance and won't tangle or break. Moreover, the extensions are made using highly elastic human hair, which means the hair won't break from the middle. The extensions are also thick to add volume.

Product Details

Several features make our Eurasian Hair extensions better than the others. Check the reasons to invest in our extensions.
  • We offer Remy hair extensions, which means that our hair extensions are made of the highest quality hair. Meaning these are natural human hair extensions that are not processed.
  • They come in two different styles: straight and body wave hair. The texture of these extensions is different from others. They can offer you a sleek look or a more fun appearance.
  • You can style our hair extensions using a curling wand or a flat iron to achieve the look you want without damaging your real hair.
  • The base material of our extensions is swiss lace. This lace is perfect for keeping the extensions in place and making them look real when used in hair.
  • All our extensions are unprocessed and have real human hair with cuticles fully aligned.
  • You can bleach or dye your extensions whenever and however you like without any difficulty.
  • These extensions have double weft sealing, preventing them from coming loose and shedding.
  • All our wigs go through strict quality tests so that you can have the best quality. Our extensions have minimum gray hair and no lice.
  • We have a large variety of colors in our Eurasian hair collection. The colors include black, bright blonde, dark auburn, deep wine burgundy, and many more.
  • You can also select from all the different hair lengths to get the perfect length.

How To Choose The Right Hair Color?

When buying new extensions for your hair, you can go with the hair color you already have. Or you can choose the one that will enhance your appearance and give you a completely new look. To make sure that the color looks good on you, you can talk to our hair experts. The factors on which you can choose your hair color is:


Your skin color is the best way to decide which color will look best on you. The right color will make your skin look brighter and more beautiful. And the wrong one will make it look dull.


You can also select a color that matches your style and personality. For instance, if you want to stand out, you can try bright hair colors. And if you want to blend in, you can choose colors that are a bit on the natural side.

Eye color

If you wish to bring out or highlight your eye color, then you can choose a hair color that makes your eye color pop. For example- If you have blue eyes, you can opt for browns or blondes to make them look bluer. And if you have brown ones, you can choose pretty much any color to enhance the color of your eye. Well, no matter which hair color you choose, one thing while buying our Eurasian hair extension is guaranteed high-quality hair. So, if you are looking for a brand that you can put your trust in while choosing hair wigs and extensions, we are your solution.