Collection: Bundle Deals

Get the hair that matches your favorite celebrity from Sinkor. Whether you are looking for curls like Alicia Keys's or wavy hair like Selena Gomez, you will find it all here. With our hair bundles, now you can rock the hairstyle you want wherever and however you like. And to make you feel like your favorite celebrity, we have the perfect human hair bundles to give you the perfect length, texture, and volume. You can choose from our wide range of textures, hair lengths, and volumes to get the perfect locks. We believe that you should get the kind of hair that you deserve without compromising anything. And all our hair extensions are made using unprocessed virgin hair that will blend well with your hair and make them look healthy and new. Our range of hair bundles includes:

Deep Wave 2 Bundle Deal With 4×4 Closure

Just like everything, our Deep Wave 2 Bundle Deal With 4×4 Closureis made using quality hair. Deep wave hair bundles are the ideal fit if you want to give your hair volume and coverage. Our extensions are made using Remy hair so that you get the softest extensions and closures that are not chemically processed. If you care for these extensions properly, they will retain their texture and can last for as long as a year. You can reuse our hair extensions multiple times. With our natural extensions, you can make as many hairstyles as you want. You can create curly, wavy, or straight textures. Free from lice or grey hair, our extensions are the ultimate accessory you need to complete your outfit.

Tight Curl 2 Bundle With 4×4 Closure

Channel your inner Beyoncé with our curly hair bundle. The curly hair bundles from our store will make you wake up with perfect ringlets every time. You can add these natural-looking extensions to your hair to add a lot of extra bounce and volume. The texture of our extensions is smooth and shiny to make your hair look healthy. All you have to do is look amazing with our Remy hair extensions. Our extensions will not feel itchy or irritating on the skin. To keep their texture intact, you won’t have to keep taking them on and off. The texture of the hair extensions is naturally curly, so you won’t have to worry about them losing their shape. Our extensions have double-weft sealing to avoid hair breakage, so there goes that worry as well.

Body Wave 2 Bundle With 4×4 Closure

Want more waves and less volume? The body wave hair bundles are the best pick with an ‘S’ shape and less volume. Body wave extensions are easier to style, whether it is a straight or curly hair updo. You can style your hair extensions easily using a curling rod or flat iron. With medium brown lace, our hair extensions look natural when you wear them. Body wave bundles are suitable for individuals with any hair texture. These curls look more relaxed than the other curly-textured hair types. Our body wave hair extensions are versatile. You can bleach and color your body wave extensions in any color without damaging or shedding a lot of hair.

Loose Wave 3 Bundle Deal

Loose wave hair bundles are especially curly and wavy. Our wave bundle is made using brazilian hair, which is known for its durability and strength. The loose wave has slightly tighter curls than the body wave hair. These extensions offer bounce and volume to your natural hair like never before. Our loose-wave hair extensions don’t shed and offer natural shine and texture. The healthy ends and aligned cuticles make these high-quality extension products a perfect choice for anybody. Because of their amazing quality, you can color and bleach these curls and still have hair that looks healthy and glossy. Our unprocessed cuticle-aligned human hair offers a defined and larger volume with good elasticity.

Straight Hair 3 Bundle Deal

Straight hair bundles are ideal if you like the slick hair look. No matter what your style is, straight hair extensions are perfect for creating any aesthetic. You can wear this hair to your office to create a formal look. Or you can curl this hair any way you like. The days of straightening your hair every day are long over. You can use our Brazilian straight hair extensions to get effortlessly straight hair. These extensions will retain their texture while looking healthy and silky smooth. You can create any hairstyle and hairdo with these extensions to get the best experience. You can take your pick from our range of straight hair types to add volume to your thin hair. These bundles are available in several lengths and are perfect for any hair procedure and experimentation. Our high-quality straight, loose wave, body wave, curly and wavy hair bundles are made from the best quality human hair. We aim to make you feel extra confident and upgrade your style with our hair bundles and extensions. Our hair extensions and wigs go through strict quality control so that you get lice-free and minimal gray hair extensions. All our raw materials for hair extensions are sourced from around the world. Our experts create the most beautiful and real-looking bundles, frontals, extensions, wigs, and closures with absolute care and precision. We offer different hair products, like Brazilian, Eurasian, Indian, and Peruvian, that offer different levels of volume, texture, and style. So, no matter what style and volume you are aiming for, we have got you covered with the help of our beautiful wigs and extensions. We believe that sky is the limit when it comes to hair styling.