Collection: Natural Wave Remy Hair

For any individual, beautiful hair is important. They are the perfect accessories for a human that makes them beautiful naturally and boost their confidence. And women have a very close relationship with their hair. So, if you want your hair to look gorgeous and luscious every time, hair extensions, wigs, and a proper hair care routine are your best friends. If you want to try wigs and hair extensions, then you can choose our Brazilian hair bundles to get the desired volume and hair length. Brazilian hair is among the most in-demand hair types in the market today, and there is a good reason behind it. These types of hair make styling easier and are soft, silky, and thick to the touch. They are durable and can stay put for a long time. Our Brazilian hair extensions are made from the finest quality human hair. They are not processed with chemicals or dyes and are completely natural. You can get these hairs in so many different textures and styles. So, you can pick the one you like or the one that matches your hair. Some Brazilian hair textures that are available with us are:

Brazilian Tight Curly Hair

The Brazilian curl hair extensions offer your hair a new and unique touch. The texture and pattern of these extensions are very different from the others. The curls in this type of human hair extension are the same shape and size. However, you must give these curls more maintenance than the others. So, if you take care of these extensions, their curls will last a lot longer. And these gorgeous and silky curls will move with you and add a fun element to your overall style.

Brazilian Silky Straight Hair

The Remy Brazilian straight hair extensions are the most perfect and effortless type of hair extensions you can invest in. They are silky, smooth, and perfectly slick. If you want hair extensions, then you need to try these now. These extensions are easy to manage and style, making our straight hair extensions an ideal choice for you. You can use flat iron these extensions to make them pin straight or try a curling wand to curl them whenever you like. Our extensions are very versatile and can hold curls and waves really well.

Brazilian Loose Wave Hair Fuller Curl

If you want well-defined curls but don’t want to wake up every day and go through the hassle of curling them, then loose Brazilian hair extensions are the way to go. This hair texture includes curls, but ones that form loose spirals and not ringlets. They are very bouncy, shiny, and voluminous. These extensions are adaptable, so you can put the hair in curls or wear them straight according to your wish. The hair falls gorgeously down your waist and forms shiny loose curls.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bouncy Wave

If you are a wavy-texture girl, you should try Brazilian body wave hair extensions. These hair extensions have loose waves that form an “S” shape. Our body wave extensions are very easy to add to any hair texture. They offer natural and soft-looking waves that will also add volume to your hair. This is a very popular style because you can wear it in so many ways. What’s more? You can style these hair extensions using a flat iron, rollers, and curlers.

Brazilian Deep Wave Hair

The deep-wave hair gives you proper tight curls and not just loose waves. These are very much in demand because tight curls are the new trend. The tighter and bouncier the curl, the more fun and healthy it will look. You can style this hair however you like, as the curl won’t lose shape and volume. These are perfect if you want to add extra volume to your hair or change your style completely.

Features Of Our Brazilian Extensions

All the Brazilian hair extensions at Sinkor hair are perfect for you. No matter your style, we have extensions that will make you look stunning.
  • All our extensions are made using Remy hair, which means they are all human hair.
  • They are unprocessed real human hair with the cuticles completely aligned.
  • You can dye or bleach your hair extensions the way you like.
  • Our extensions have double-weft sealing, and they don’t shed.
  • The color of our extensions is a natural black.
  • We ensure quality control in all our products.
  • Our extensions are free of any lice or parasites and have the bare minimum of gray hair.
  • You can restyle all the extensions using a flat iron or curling wand.
  • Our one unit of hair extension weighs around 100g (+/-5g).

Caring Tips For Your Extensions

The best way to improve the life of your extensions is to take proper care of them. Here are some hair care tips that you can use for your extension:
  • Wash your hair extensions with the products that the expert recommends, or use the ones specifically made for that hair texture.
  • Never sleep with your extensions wet. Use a hair dryer or towel to dry your hair to avoid breakage.
  • Brush your hair extensions like you brush your actual hair: gentle and caring.
  • You can also use frequent conditioning treatments to keep your extensions shiny and well-hydrated.
  • Try to avoid using styling or heating products. Add a heat protectant spray before you use any heat styling tool on your hair to avoid damaging them.
  • When sleeping, use silk covers and scrunchies to avoid hair tangling. You can also tie your hair to prevent tangling further.
  • Brush your hair daily to spread oil from your roots to the ends and lose the tangled strands with your fingers or a detangler comb.
At Sinkor Hair, we provide high-quality hair extensions that enhance your style. All our extensions are made using real human hair, and you can style them in many ways effortlessly. Brazilian hair type is the strongest, easy-to-care-for, and most versatile. With our extensions, you can get bouncy, voluminous, and gorgeous hair that will boost your confidence and add to your looks.