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Everybody loves their hair, whether they are curly, straight, short, or long. We all have a close relationship with our gorgeous and luscious hair. However, there are days when you want to look and feel a certain type of way, or you want to style them differently. It all depends on your mood. Some days you want your hair short and some days long, and to help with that dilemma, you need a Brazilian hair extension

It is hard to decide what you want with your hair. Every day in magazines, newspapers, and social media platforms, we see celebrities with a new hairstyle, color, or length. The reason they can transform their hair so easily and get those gorgeous looks is because of hair extensions. And these extensions are a trend today. So, let’s see what exactly hair extensions are and why they are so popular. 

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are made using artificial or natural hair that is added to your hair to improve its density, increase its length, or both. You can choose between artificial or natural human hair to add to your existing ones. 

The human hair extensions are made using actual human hair. These hair are collected from the donors and then are made into wigs, clip-ins, tape-on, and every other type of hair extension. However, artificial hair extensions are made using blended fibers to create very thin plastic strands to replicate the actual human hair. 

Further, it is possible to find extensions for every hair type, like Brazilian curly hair, deep wave hair, straight hair, etc. You will also be able to find them in any color ranging from blonde to jet black and reds to browns. 

Permanent And Semi-Permanent Hair Extension

You must have understood the term permanent hair extension just by reading it. But let’s just talk about it a bit more. Permanent hair extensions are added to your hair by a professional. The extensions can last for a time of two to six months. It all depends on how you take care of them. Furthermore, you can reuse the extensions if they are in good condition. But to remove these extensions at any point in time, you are going to need expert assistance. 

Semi-permanent hair extensions last for up to six to eight weeks maximum. The professionals use a smaller version of clip-ins or invisible tape extensions in this process. Again, the period is based on how you take care of your extensions. Irrespective of what you choose, you can wash your hair like normal and style it however you want without the risk of damaging your extensions.   

Reasons To Get Brazilian Hair Extension 

If you wish to get hair extensions, there are more than enough positive reasons, especially if you like to experiment with your hair a lot. 

Instantly Change How You Look

The biggest reason why people are choosing Brazilian hair extension services these days is because of how it makes them look. You can instantly change your appearance without damaging your hair if you get hair extensions. We all are aware that hair can take so much time to grow, nearly a centimeter per month. Not exactly something exciting, right? So, if you wish to get longer or voluminous hair instantly, you can use hair extensions. 

Also, if you wish to add some new hair color strands without damaging your hair, you can choose colored hair extensions. Which helps you enjoy a new color without damaging or drying your hair. Furthermore, if you don’t like it, you can remove them, which is not the case with actually colored hair. 

You Can Get Straight Hair Or Curls Without Heat

Think about it: you spend so much of your time curling or straightening your hair and damaging it. Now imagine getting Brazilian curly hair extensions and your hair having those natural curls without extra effort or damage to the hair. Sounds good, right? Well, because it is. Curly extensions add texture and volume to your hair, making them look thicker and more lustrous. 

Similarly, if you have wavy or curly hair, then you choose straight hair extensions along with a straightening treatment to get effortlessly smooth and silky hair.  

Style Your Hair The Way You Like 

You can style your hair in countless different ways if you get the length, volume, and texture you want. You can put your hair up in a voluminous, sleek pony or a messy curly hair bun. Extensions are better at holding curls; thus, you can style your hair using heat equipment without burning your hair. 

If you have thin hair, there are only a few ways you can style your hair. It limits your styling options. So, to try all the styles you have always wanted to, you can add hair extensions to increase the volume of your hair. You can switch up your styles without worrying about anything at all. 

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Easy To Manage Hair 

If you are worried about how tiring it would be to manage hair extensions, then worry not. Because caring for your extensions is as easy as maintaining your natural hair. Even if you wish to switch your looks completely and choose extensions with different textures, or colors, you won’t have to do much to care for your hair. Just regular caring techniques suggested by the professional are all you need to maintain your new locks. 

How To Care For Your Brazilian Hair Extension

You can increase the life of your extensions by using some really easy and simple hair care tips:

Wash Your Hair Regularly

When you have your extension, you can still wash your hair. It is a very common thing that people are unaware of because extensions don’t improve your hair health or keep your scalp clean. To do that, you need to follow your regular hair care routine. However, this does not mean that you should frequently wash your hair. But you can always wash and condition your hair every second week or, at the bare minimum, once a month. 

Use Soft Satin Or Silk Pillows

The way to reduce friction between your hair while sleeping is to use silk or satin pillows. Using this material under your hair can help them retain moisture. When using silk pillow covers, tie your hair in two braids when using silk pillow covers to avoid tangling. Additionally, you can use this method to add texture to your hair. Or, before sleeping, you can tie your hair in a satin or silk scarf. It also helps prevent dryness. 

Comb Your Hair Every Day

It is essential for you to brush your strands every day without excuses. This practice not only helps remove any knots and eases tangles. But it also spreads our scalp’s natural oil, which helps you avoid washing your hair for longer. And also, spread the oil to keep the strands moisturized and shiny. 

To comb straight hair, you should use a paddle brush. And if your hair texture is on the curly side, use a detangling or a wide-toothed comb. Detangler is specially made to remove knots from your hair without causing breakage. 

Avoid Using A Lot Of Hair Products 

If you are styling your hair or just washing it, you don’t have to add many products to your hair to style them. For example, if you have added Brazilian straight hair extensions, then all you need are some basic products. You can use a shine spray to make your hair look healthy and shiny, along with dry shampoo and heat protectant. Also, if you have frizzy hair, you can use a serum and a paddle brush to help settle your hair down.

To maintain curls or waves, you can use a hair curling mousse or wave spray to elevate the texture of your hair. You can also use Lush Hair Curl Definer to get defined curls. The cream provides a deep condition to the hair with nourishing oils. It also helps lock all the moisture inside your hair with the help of aloe vera, glycerin, shea butter, etc. 

Pay Attention While Adding Extensions 

 If you are using clip-in hair extensions and adding them yourselves, ensure that you do so carefully. If the hair extensions are not attached properly, you may have to remove them early, or it may just end up damaging your natural hair.    

Why Sinkor Hair?

At Sinkor Hair, you can find different hair extensions and hair care products. We believe in empowering women by making them confident with the help of hair extensions and wigs. Our main goal is to deliver A-grade service to our customers and to keep them comfortable throughout the session. 

If you are on the lookout for a brand or salon that can provide your Brazilian deep wave hair with some volume and health, then visit our store. Not just Brazilian, but we also deal with Indian hair, Vietnamese Hair, Chinese hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Russian hair, and Tape hair. So, whatever type of hair care service you are looking for, we can provide it at affordable prices. 


Hair extensions can help you boost your confidence in no time. So whether you are the experimental type or if you just want to add length and volume to your hair, Sinkor Hair can help you with it all. 

We have Brazilian hair extension of various types, like Brazilian body wave hair, that will add a natural bounce and wavy texture to your hair. We also have special hair care products that keep your hair nourished and add more definition to its natural texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Brazilian extensions are more durable, they can last up to six months. The appearance of these extensions will also stay intact for a longer time if and when you take care of them properly.

Brazilian extensions are a perfect choice if you want voluminous and shiny hair extensions. These are also best when used on real and virgin human hair. The hair is also glossy, which will make your hair look healthier and better overall.

Brazilian hair is considered the best quality extensions and is among the most selling ones. The benefits of these types of hair are that they offer a smooth and glossy texture to hair. And they are also very durable and voluminous. Furthermore, this type of hair blends perfectly with a lot of hair textures.    

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