The Best Hair Styling Tips From Sinkor Salon Professionals

The Best Hair Styling Tips From Sinkor Salon Professionals

From the basics to the final look, our expert professionals will share the best hair styling tips and secrets in this article. Our experts will carefully give you insights into each detail on how to take care of yourself, what products to use, how to use, and how much to use. What tools are good for hair, and what are not?


We are going to cover everything in this blog. Read the full blog to understand the best styling tips and tricks by professionals.


Hair styling isn't an easy job. It requires a lot more practice and a thorough understanding of one's hair. However, styling can be easy if you know how experts do it and what their secrets are to turning normal hair into beautiful locks. So let's get started.


There are a few points you have to keep in mind to get the best locks for yourself–

1. Know Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type is crucial as you would be able to understand what will suit you and what will not. Basically, there are two types of hair: fine and thick hair. An interesting fact is that you can easily distinguish between them.


Your hair is fine if you find it hard to see your strands. Your hair doesn't have volume, and you struggle to achieve it. Your locks are very light, with fewer strands. Your strands look super skinny.


Your hair is thick if it becomes frizz easily and feels coarser. You struggle to hold bobby pins inside it. Your strands are clearly visible, and it feels heavy on the head.

2. Start With a Good Haircut

The easiest tip and secret for styling your hair is to go with a good haircut. Haircut not only gives you a new look but also provides a foundation for good hairstyling. But before going for a haircut, we always remember that you must choose a style that is perfect for your hairstyle and face cut.


There are different suggestions from different stylists that some styles look good only on fine hair and some on thick hair. For example-on fine hair, you can try face-framing layers and short and soft layers to boost volume, whereas, on thick hair, you can try lessening layers with hair's long density. Avoid shoulder-length cuts because those can look too boxy and chunky.

3. Choose Hair Products Based on Hair Thickness

Using the right products according to your hair type is very important because the right formulation products aid the nourishment of hair without harming it. Choose shampoo and conditioners formulated for your hair type. You must avoid using products that have harsh chemicals and the potential to harm your hair condition.


For Example–someone with fine hair can go for lightweight formulas like mists and sprays. And someone with thick, curly hair can try richer oils and thick creams to lubricate strands.

4. Get the Right Hair Tools and Accessories

Try using the right hair tools like a dryer, straightener, and brushes to avoid any kind of hair damage. The right tools are important because excessive heat can damage your hair's health, and you may suffer consequences for a long time. Be careful while choosing tools and accessories for your hair.


Our Professionals suggest choosing a product with a heat adjustment facility and always going with a trusted brand. Don't use these tools on a regular basis. Use occasionally to look different and avoid more damage.

5. Learn the Hairbrush Basics

Understanding the basics of a hairbrush is important for hair styling. According to our experts for everyday grooming and hairstyling, choose paddle brushes when you use a dryer-go for a round-shaped brush because a round-shaped brush easily grabs every stand.


Also, you must use a hairbrush that matches your hair type to avoid any damage. Brushes with natural boar bristles are the best for fine hair. They help in enhancing shine and smoothness without pulling hair unnecessarily.


A brush with nylon bristles is best for thick hair as it helps in detangling the knots easily.

6. Learn to Embrace Your Natural Texture

Embracing what is natural to you is the best way of recognizing yourself and instilling confidence in yourself. Nowadays, more women have started embracing their natural hair texture.


Whether they are curly, wavy, or silky, they love themselves in that way.

To keep your natural texture healthy, avoid using products with wax, sulfates, mineral oils, or drying alcohol. Use products suitable for your hair type.

7. Style According to Your Hair Type

Hair type defines how much and to what extent you can style your hair. If your hair is fine, you have got some versatility in styling options. You can do experiments like low buns, straighten or curl, etc. Choose and design your style as per your preferences.


If you have thick hair, try braids, side ponytails, or high buns. It will enhance your look more. You can also try any style you think suits you. The choice should always be yours.


Hair styling doesn't end here. There is much more to know about hair and its top styling secrets. For this blog, that's all we are offering. Follow these insights to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and glamorous.


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