Bring Back your Lost Charm with a Full Lace Wigs

Bring Back your Lost Charm with a Full Lace Wigs

Wearing a wig is no longer off-limits. You do not need to sacrifice certain hairdos anymore. “Take pride in versatility and comfort” is the slogan. 

Previously, creating hairstyles like high ponytails or wearing a helmet with wigs was nearly impossible. Cheers to the innovations that have given us so many gifts. A full lace wig is one of the blessings we are embracing today. Full lace wigs are hand-tied and give a natural-looking finish. The base of this wig is designed with transparent lace that covers the whole scalp area. This means you can part your curls anywhere and in any style.

If you wear a full lace wig for daily wear or any special event, you can enjoy a fantastic look and feel. Get a full-lace wig for a realistic hairline and parting. Read further to learn why people prefer full lace wigs.

Reasons to Choose a Full Lace Wig

Full lace wigs are an excellent choice for those seeking exceptional quality hair products. It lets the wearers enjoy manifold benefits, from versatility to comfort. Here is a brief on some of the fantastic benefits of full lace wigs:

Conceal Hair Loss

All black women who feel conscious about thinning hair should prefer full lace wigs. They can be the ideal solution for regaining confidence with full, thick hair. What's more, this product offers ample coverage to the scalp, concealing all the bald spots. Full lace wigs are undoubtedly the best bet for those experiencing hair loss.


Choose a full lace wig that will last long, making it worthy of your investment. A lace wig is made with 100% natural human hair, so you do not have to worry about anything. While shopping for the same, ensure it is made of quality materials. Investing in the best product will prevent tears or breakage. Prioritize quality and wear the wig for several years to come.


Since full lace wigs are products of breathable lace material, you can expect great airflow through your scalp. While wearing it on your head, you will not feel any discomfort at any part. This makes full lace wigs a trustable choice for everyday wear. No matter what hairdo you make, the wig will foster matchless confidence in you.

Natural Finish

With the advancement in hair wigs, you can now enjoy a natural, flawless finish. Full lace wigs give the wearer a completely natural look. Every strand of human hair is tied to the lace cap. This gives the impression that the hair is sprouting from your scalp. No more feeling the heaviness of the hairpiece on your head, only a natural-looking hairline.


Based on preferences, you can personalize your full lace wigs in many ways. These preferences can be texture, color, density, length, etc. With so many options, you can easily create any look or style.

Styling Versatility

Another benefit of a full lace wig is that you can style them however you like. Since the hair is hand-tied to the lace base, you can part and style them in any direction. This opens various styling options like braids, updos, ponytails, and more. 

Feel Confident Everywhere with The Best Full Lace Wigs

Full Lace Wigs are among the favorite and most natural-looking lace wigs. Obviously, you want to invest in 100% virgin hair to get the desired look. So, avoid subpar products and choose only the best. 

You want your curls to show your unique style and personality, whether you're on a friend’s outing or at a wedding. Opt for full lace wigs to embrace unmatched flexibility, comfort, and a completely natural look. Step into the realm of full lace wigs to boost your confidence in front of the crowd. Unlock your inner beauty with these incredibly stunning full lace wigs.  

Deep Wave 13×4 Lace Wig



Deep Wave 13×4 Lace Wig has everything a black woman desires, from versatility to natural appeal. If you desire a glamorous red carpet look or a daily casual style, Deep Wave 13×4 Lace Wig is the go-to option. Let your curls fall over your shoulders and elevate your look like never before. Here are some of the best features of Sinkor Hair Deep Wave 13×4 Lace Wig:

  • Premium Virgin Hair

Sinkor Hair provides premium virgin hair. You can get the best natural human hair with complete cuticle alignment. Embrace a natural appearance and feel that lasts longer and retains its integrity over time. 

  • Natural Wave Texture

Enjoy the effortless beauty of natural wave texture, which allows you to easily create different hairstyles. Sinkor Hair's natural wave texture adds volume and dimension to your hair, enhancing its overall appearance. 

  • Swiss Lace Base Material

The Swiss lace base material offers a smooth and imperceptible finish. It creates a lovely, natural-looking fit. This allows for easy styling and blending with your natural hairline.

  • 4×4 Lace Size

This full-lace wig's 4x4 lace size gives plentiful coverage and versatility for style. It lets you part your hair in many ways and get the look you want.

  • Lightweight

Sinkor Hair Deep Wave 13×4 Lace Wig is lightweight, assuring great comfort without weighing you down. Thus, you can put on these extensions all day without feeling discomfort. 

Hairstyles you Can Make

The Deep Wave 13×4 Lace Wig gives you limitless styling options. Some of the best options are:

Voluminous Curls

Want to add some flair and detail to your outfit? Try volumized curls with your Sinkor Hair Deep Wave 13×4 Lace Wig. Get a curling wand or rollers and create bouncy curls throughout your hair. Later, tousle them using your fingertips for a nice and beautiful touch.

Side Part

Make a gorgeous side part and brush your hair to one side of your head. Enjoy an exquisite and romantic look. This basic yet stylish hairdo adds dimension and frames the face most magnificently.

Boho Braided Crown

Braided crown hairstyles let you embrace your inner Boho goddess. Make two braids on every side of your head and tie them to the back to create a crown-like look. This charming and quirky style gives any attire a bit of bohemian grace.  

Body Wave 13×4 Lace Wig


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The Body Wave 13x4 Lace Wig is a lovely and adaptable hairstyle solution for those who want to enhance their natural beauty. Natural human hair and a 13x4 lace frontal for a beautiful, natural-looking hairline are all to expect. The body wave texture of this wig gives volume, movement, and dimension to your hair. This will result in a stunning and classy appearance. Whether you want daily elegance or to make a statement at a special event, this wig gives incomparable flexibility and sophistication. No more bad hair day, only effortless styling. Here is an overview of the benefits offered by the Body Wave 13x4 Lace Wig:

  • Comfortable Wear

Designed for comfort, the Body Wave 13x4 Lace Wig has a lightweight and breathable structure. So, you can wear it for long periods without feeling pain or irritation.

  • Durability

The Body Wave 13x4 Lace Wig is made of high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, ensuring a dependable hair solution that can handle everyday use and style.

  • Versatile Styling

This wig's body wave texture provides volume, movement, and dimension to your hair, making it easy to experiment with different hairstyles and appearances. The Body Wave 13x4 Lace Wig can meet your style needs, whether you like sleek and straight or voluminous curls.

  • Customization

Sinkor Hair’s Body Wave 13×4 Lace Wig gives plenty of room for parting and style versatility. Thus, it lets you make a variety of looks based on your preference and taste. 

Hairstyle to Make

Wear the Sinkor Hair Body Wave 13×4 Lace Wig and create an array of exquisite styles, such as:

Classic Updo

A classic updo hairdo shows elegance and sophistication. Gather your hair into a low bun or chignon at the nape of your neck and tie it with pins. Use a comb to smooth the waves and curls for a professional look. Next, add a stylish hair accessory for an extra dash of elegance.

Braided Headband

A braided headband hairstyle will give your outfit a boho vibe. Make a small braid on either side of your head, cross it over the top, and tie it using pins. This fanciful style is ideal for summer festivals or beach weddings.

Sleek Middle Part

Get a sleek, professional look with the sleek middle part hairstyle. Make a precise part along the center of the hair with a fine-tooth comb. After that, smooth the waves on either side and embrace a graceful look.

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Loose Wave 13×4 Lace Wig


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With Sinkor Hair Loose Wave 13x4 Lace Wig, immerse yourself in easy splendor. This lace wig ensures natural beauty and elegance with a beautiful loose wave texture that adds volume to your hair.

With a 13x4 lace base, you can enjoy unmatched versatility and style opportunities. Whether you want beachy waves or romantic curls, Loose Wave 13x4 Lace Wig will let you effortlessly achieve your preferred style. Elevate your look and experience the appeal of free waves with Sinkor Hair's stunning Lace Wig. Check out its amazing benefits:

  • Density: 150%, 180%

Sinkor Hair wigs come in different densities to cater to your preferences, providing flexibility and customization for achieving your desired hair volume and thickness.

  • Unprocessed Human Hair Full Cuticle Aligned

Experience the highest quality hair extensions with full cuticle alignment, resulting in soft, smooth, and long-lasting hair that looks and feels natural.

  • Length

Choose from a range of versatile lengths to suit your desired style. Try various looks and show your personality effortlessly.

  • Natural Hair Color

Enjoy the freedom to customize your hair color according to your preferences. Explore different shades and trends without compromising on quality or texture.

  • Easy to Restyle

Sinkor Hair wigs offer versatility and convenience. They allow you to easily style and restyle your hair using flat irons or curling irons, ensuring flexibility in your evolving look.

Hairstyles you Can Make

The Loose Wave 13×4 Lace Wig allows for a range of hairstyles. Some of the best hairstyles to make with this wig are:

Messy Bun

Style your Loose Wave 13×4 Lace Wig into a messy bun for a wacky twist to a classic updo hairstyle. Gather your waves into a bun, be it high or low, at the back of your head. Make sure that you leave some strands loose. It can help frame your face to get a relaxed, carefree style.

Beachy Waves

How about an easy, tousled look? Create beachy waves by just sliding your fingers over your wig's loose waves. Use a texturizing spray to get extra volume and definition. For any casual outing or days at the beach, this is the go-to hairstyle.

Braided Crown

Create a braided crown style with your Loose Wave 13×4 Lace Wig by braiding sections of hair from every side of the wig. Cross them over the crown of your head. Tie the braids to the back of your head using bobby pins or hair ties for a romantic and fanciful style. This can be the perfect style for formal parties or weddings.

Silky Straight 13×4 Lace Wig


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How about introducing a simple, silky, full lace wig to your routine? Take a glimpse at Sinkor Hair’s Silky Straight 13×4 Lace Wig. The wig can be a worthy investment for any black woman seeking endless hairstyling opportunities. If your aim is a sleek, sophisticated look, then Sinkor Hair’s Silky Straight 13×4 Lace Wig can be a game-changer.

From a luxurious straight texture to delivering the utmost comfort, it has many benefits. Let us talk about that in detail:

  • Texture

Sinkor Hair’s Silky Straight 13×4 Lace Wig has a sleek, stylish look. Its smooth texture gives a glossy finish that radiates flair and elegance. You can wear it for any occasion.

  • Base Material

The Silky Straight 13×4 Lace Wig is made of human hair. It has a 13x4 lace base for a comfortable and natural fit. Moreover, It blends seamlessly with your scalp for a flawless look.   

  • Length

With lengths ranging from 10 inches to 30 inches, you can easily personalize your appearance and get your preferred hairdo.

  • Density

The 180% density of the wig assures fullness and volume. This will give you thick and rich tresses that will draw attention wherever you go. 

Hairstyles you Can Make

Silky Straight 13×4 Lace Wig offers versatility and sophistication. You can make an array of beautiful hairstyles. Here are some of the hairstyles you can easily make with the Silky Straight 13×4 Lace Wig:

Side-Swept Bangs

Add a touch of glamor to your look by sweeping the front section of your wig to one side to create side-swept bangs. Use a flat iron to smooth out any kinks or waves, framing your face with silky strands that exude sophistication.

Chic Half-Up, Half-Down Style

Relish a trendy, elegant look by making a half-up, half-down style with your Silky Straight 13×4 Lace Wig. Tie it with a hair tie or pin. Let the rest of your hair cascade down your shoulders in silky straight tresses.

Layered Waves

If you prefer a softer and more voluminous style, use a curling iron to add gentle waves or curls to your Silky Straight lace wig. Create layers by curling different sections of hair in varying directions, resulting in a textured and effortlessly chic hairstyle. 

Kinky Curly 13×4 Lace Wig



Sinkor Hair’s Kinky Curly 13×4 Lace Wig is an amazing combination of natural allure and grace. The finest quality materials and natural human hair are used in the making. It assures the best comfort and offers great versatility.  

If you wish to alter your style, opt for Sinkor Hair’s Kinky Curly 13×4 Lace Wig. Manifest your inner diva to leave a lasting impression. Make a great hair day and enjoy effortless beauty. Get Sinkor Hair’s Kinky Curly 13×4 Lace Wig today and embrace all these incredible features:

  • Customizable Color

The natural hair color of the lace wig lets you bleach or dye it into any desired color. There are countless customization options to match individual preferences and style preferences.

  • Heat-Style Compatibility

Sinkor Hair's Kinky Curly 13×4 Lace Wig can be easily restyled with flat irons or curling irons. You can have the flexibility to make various hairstyles according to your personal preference.

  • Natural Black Color

Sinkor Hair's Kinky Curly 13×4 Lace Wig comes in a natural black color. This makes them a classic and flexible solution for a variety of skin tones and personal styles.

  • A Complete Package

Each package comes with a 13×4 Lace closure wig and a wig cap for extra convenience. The wig cap has a circumference of 23 inches, which makes it appropriate for most head sizes. It also comes with adjustable straps and three combs for a secure, comfy fit.

Hairstyles you Can Make

Wear Sinkor Hair's Kinky Curly 13×4 Lace Wig and make any of the following hairstyles effortlessly:

High Ponytail

A neat, high ponytail hairdo can transform your appearance. Pull your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Wrap a little portion of hair around the base of the ponytail for a finished finish. This style adds height and enhancement to your overall look.

Top Knot Bun

With this hairstyle, you may get a fashionable and effortless look. Gather all of your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head, then twist it into a bun. Tie the bun using hairpins and let a few curls frame your face for a romantic look. This hairdo is ideal for keeping hair out of your face.

Headband Curls

Accessorize your style with a headband and get a lively and young look. Place a wide or thin headband on your head, a few inches below your hairline. See the curls of your full lace wig flow freely under the headband. The hairdo is perfect for daily wear or any casual outing. 


The full lace wigs available at Sinkor Hair are made of 100% human hair, ensuring every strand meets your unique needs. These are not only stunning in look but also comfy to wear. Besides that, they are versatile, letting you try various hairstyles, from high ponytails to layered waves and headband curls. 

Don’t want to step out of the house for a hairstyling session? Buy the perfect full lace wig human hair only at Sinkor Hair. We are here to give you endless styling opportunities. Check out our premium-grade full lace wigs that you can get at affordable rates. At Sinkor Hair, explore the newest hairstyles, discover your signature look, and embrace your daily hair care regimen. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to know more.
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