4x4 Closure: The Best you Can do for your Curls

4x4 Closure: The Best you Can do for your Curls

If you are delving into hairstyling options, you might come across the term "4x4 closure." Wondering what it entails and how it can enhance your daily styling routine? Let us learn further.

The natural appeal, versatility, and protective nature of the 4X4 closure make it a popular choice. Not only that, but these hair extensions are more pocket-friendly than their counterparts. A 4x4 closure may last 6 to 12 months with proper care. However, the wig's lifespan may depend on the frequency of usage and maintenance. Let us know a bit more about the 4X4 closure wig.  

What is 4x4 Closure?

The 4x4 closure is a beneficial option when seeking good extensions to give you the desired natural appearance. It resembles a piece of lace embellished with human or artificial hair to make a specific hairstyle.

You style the hair extensions like your natural hair, which lets you personalize your hairstyle. This gives you more styling opportunities, from wavy to curly or straight hair.

Due to the hair wig’s 4x4 inches size, you can enjoy a perfect balance. Thus, this gives enough coverage to close off a weave and also assures numerous styling options.

Surprising Benefits of Choosing a 4X4 Closure

When seeking the desired flawless look, you would want a hair wig that fits perfectly and offers various styles. A 4x4 closure can be the best bet, and some of its top benefits are:

Natural Appearance

The 4 X 4 lace closure gives seamless installation and blends well with natural hair. It would seem like the lace is growing from the scalp. In addition, the lace used on the closures is extremely delicate and matches the color of the scalp. Thus, it appears pretty natural. 

Easy to Install

Since the 4 X 4 closure doesn’t take up too much space, it is simple to install. This will ultimately shorten the time that you need to attach the wig. Using the 4 X 4 closure is time-saving and lets you get natural hairstyles, making it perfect for women with busy schedules.


The 4 X4 closure wig has 100% virgin human hair and is a breathable product. This makes the wig comfortable to wear at any time of the year.


Compared with other hair extensions, a 4 X4 closure is much more cost-friendly as it only needs a small lace area.


Not to mention, a 4 X4 closure wig is versatile. You can dye this closure wig as it is made of 100% natural hair. If you want to include some pop of colors in your look, you can do it using some weave bundles. Moreover, you can straighten, bleach, and restyle as per your choice.


Since the 4 X4 lace closure wig is simple to install, you can save a lot of time wearing it. This is the ideal choice for women who are always on the go. 

The Best 4x4 closure you Can Buy

When it comes to buying 4×4 closure, Sinkor Hair has a wide range of options you can choose from. View some of the best 4×4 lace closure wigs expertly designed to suit all your hair needs. 

Body Wave 2 Bundle With 4×4 Closure



Try the Sinkor Hair Body Wave 2 Bundle with 4×4 closure and feel the magic of effortless elegance. This hair product is made for those who crave beautiful curls with the right volume. This hair extension's alluring "S" shape is all to love.

No matter what type of style you prefer, the body wave 2 bundle with 4×4 closure is so versatile to meet any hairstyle. For a seamlessly natural finish, this hair extension features a medium brown lace. It also lets you style the curls with any styling tool, like a flat iron or a curling rod. The product gives you limitless freedom, even if you want to bleach or color the extensions.

Hairstyles you Can Make

There are different types of styles that you can make with the sinkor body wave 2 bundle with 4x4 closure. Let’s take a look at:

Beachy Waves

For beachy waves, you must first wash and condition your hair bundles, apply a heat protectant spray, and split your hair into sections. Make loose, beachy waves with a curling wand. Get a tousled, natural look with a finger comb.

Sleeky Ponytail

Use a leave-in conditioner to prep your hair bundles. Gather the hair and make a high ponytail by tying it up with a hair tie. Straighten up any frizz or flyways with a flat iron. Cover a small part of the hair near the base of the ponytail to conceal the hair tie. Apply some shine-enhancing serum to get a polished look. 

Half-up Half-Down

Try the half-up-half-down style to achieve a chic and versatile look. You must start by dividing the top half of the hair and securing it using a hair tie. Leave some strands to frame your face. Straighten up the bottom half using a flat iron. Release your hair top section and tease it a little at the crown for volume. Gather your top section and secure it using a clip or hair tie at the backside of the head.

Deep wave 2 bundle deal with 4×4 closure



Seize attention wherever you go with the Sinkor Hair 4x4 deep wave closure deal with 4×4 closure. Add the desired volume, bounce to your locks, and look gorgeous all day. The hair extensions' matchless quality makes you feel more natural, and you can use the extensions multiple times. There would also be no need to constantly put the extensions on and off to keep their texture unspoiled.

You can even enjoy the freedom to bleach or color as per your choice. Due to its double-weft sealing, the product can also withstand daily wear and tear without shedding much. The deep wave 2 bundles weigh 100(+/-5g)/piece×N hair, which assures maximum volume and thickness. In addition to that, the closures come with an added 30 grams to give you perfect finishing.

Hairstyles you Can Make

With Sinkor Hair deep wave 2 bundle deal 4x4 closure, you can create various hair styles that will help you enhance your look. Look below: 

Sleek High Ponytail

Get a sophisticated look by making a sleek low ponytail with Sinkor Hair's deep wave 2 bundle deal with 4×4 closure. Just brush to tame any bumps or flyaways, then secure the ponytail at the crown of your head with a hair tie.

Messy Bun

A messy bun is a gorgeous hairdo. Gather your deep-wave hair, tie it in a high ponytail, and twist it around to create a bun.

Side-Swept Curls

Split your hair in half, and use a curling wand to gently comb through the bundles of your deep-wave hair. Once you have swept all of your hair to the other side of the portion, pin it securely behind your ear with bobby pins. 

Tight Curl 2 bundle with 4×4 closure



Put on Sinkor Hair tight curl 2 bundles 4x4 human hair closure and bring out your inner diva. No more bad hair days, only perfect ringlets every day you wake up in the morning. Wear these ultra-natural Remy hair extensions to get an excellent volume and bounce.

Your skin won't feel irritated or itchy due to the product's comfortable design and lice-free nature. Further, the double-weft sealing assures extra durability and prevents breakage. So, there is no need to worry about anything after wearing the tight curl 2 bundle with 4×4 closure

Hairstyles you Can Make

Are you looking to style different hair styles? With tight curl 2 bundle 4x4 closure you can try various options. Let’s have a look: 

Defined Tight Curls

Just wash and condition your hair bundles to embrace their natural tight curl nature. Use a diffuser or leave it to dry for more volume and definition. The stunning tight curls are highlighted in this carefree style, creating a dramatic and glitzy appearance.

Half-Up Half-Down

Part your hair down the middle or to the side, and gather the top half of your hair into a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Secure it using a hair tie or clip, leaving the bottom half to flow freely in tight curls.

Messy Bun

A messy bun adds a carefree grace that just makes any look seem better. This is an ideal style for hectic mornings or when you want to look stylish without putting much effort into your locks. 

Straight 4×4 Lace Closure



Sinkor Hair's 4x4 closure straight can be the perfect addition to your daily hair care routine. As you put on these hair extensions, you can expect unmatched comfort and ease of wear. Top-notch quality products are what you will get at Sinkor Hair Salon, and these hair extensions feature all-natural human hair.

The straight 4×4 lace closure lets you restyle your curls with tools like rolling or flat iron. Moreover, minimal maintenance is necessary for these hair extensions. So you can enjoy effortless styling whenever you get ready to go out. The timeless look awaits you! Buy it today and bring out the best in you.

Hairstyles you Can Make

Try different hairstyles with Sinkor Hair straight 4x4 lace closure. The styles you can create: 

Sleek Middle Part

Embrace a sophisticated look by making a middle part using a straight lace closure. Straighten your natural hair using a flat iron and combine it effortlessly with the closure.

Side Swept Bangs

Achieve the much-wanted look by sweeping your straight 4×4 lace closure wig to one side and styling it into side-swept bangs.

Braided Crown

Make a braided crown using the straight 4×4 lace closure wig and get a romantic sense to the rest of your look.

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Natural Curl 4×4 Lace Closure



Embrace Sinkor Hair natural curl 4×4 lace closure to see comfort and style in your curls. The 4X4 lace size gives you enough coverage and a range of styling options. So you can enjoy experimenting with various looks and party styles. The 4x4 curly closure weighs around 30 to 50 grams, which lets you do effortless styling and is comfy to put on all day.

It comes in a natural black color that you can dye or bleach into any shade you prefer. The Sinkor Hair natural curl 4×4 lace closure is also easy to restyle, so you can easily change your look without affecting the hair quality. 

Hairstyles you Can Make

Seeking various options to style you hair? Try natural curl 4x4 lace closure for the best results: 

Pineapple Updo

The Pineapple Updo is the go-to hairstyle for a lovely day outing with friends. Pull your natural curl lace closure into a high ponytail and let them fall naturally like a pineapple.  

Side Swept Curls

The side-swept curl style is perfect for any special occasion, like a wedding or date night. Get a curling wand, twist the curls around the fingers, and create a nice romantic look.

Braided Crown

How about tasting some Bohemian flair? Style up your natural curls into a braided crown style. For an outdoor wedding or a music festival, this is the ideal hairstyle. 

Loose Wave 4×4 Lace Closure



Want to add volume and dimension to your look? Go for Sinkor Hair's loose wave 4×4 lace closure and enjoy an effortlessly chic hairstyle. The lightweight and versatility of these hair extensions are everything to cheer about. The product also allows for personalization, so you can easily dye or bleach your hair into any color. Sinkor Hair offers the best quality, durable products to ensure peace of mind when shopping for these extensions.

Hairstyles you Can Make

With loose wave 4x4 lace closure you can try different hairstyles. These are: 

Beachy Waves

Get a joyous vibe with beachy waves by setting up the loose wave 4×4 lace closure. Give texture and definition to your curls using a sea salt spray or texturizing mousse.  

Sleek Low Ponytail

Embrace a polished look by enhancing your loose wave 4×4 lace closure wig into a sleek low ponytail style.

Messy Bun with Waves

Style your loose wave 4×4 lace closure into a messy bun by making a laid-back, effortless look. Make a bun by gathering your hair into a loose ponytail and twisting it around itself. 

Deep Curl 4×4 Lace Closure



Sinkor Hair deep curl 4×4 lace closure offers a fine blend of style and natural beauty. Make a chance to improve your overall appearance with volume and comfort. The lace closure weighs anywhere between 30-50 grams, which lets you experiment with a variety of styles and looks. Get the freedom to show your unique style confidently. Not only can you get the ultimate comfort while wearing these extensions, but you can also style them using tools like a flat iron.  

Hairstyles you Can Make

With deep curl 4x4 lace closure you can make various hair styles like pinned back curls, high bun with curls and more! 

Side Part with Cascading Curls

For any wedding or prom night, you can prefer the side part with cascading curls style. Part your hair to a side and let your deep curls fall over one shoulder.

Pinned-Back Curls

If you have any casual or formal events to attend, go for the timeless pinned-back curls style. Secure your hair behind your ear by pinning your hair with bobby pins or decorative hair clips.

High Bun with Curls

Cherish your overall look with a deep curl-adorned high bun. Make a bun by twisting the ponytail around and securing it using bobby pins.

Body Wave 4×4 Lace closure



Put on Sinkor Hair’s 4×4 body wave closure for an effortlessly glamorous look. Sinkor offers high-quality and durable extensions that are suitable for all hair types. This 4 x 4 lace closure enables color customization, allowing you to flaunt any style confidently. The lightweight 4 X 4 lace closure wig allows for easy wear all day. The all-natural black color allows you to style or dye according to your choice.

Hairstyles you Can Make

Body wave 4x4 lace closure helps you to create different hair styles. The styles you can try loose waves, straight look and more. Below we have discussed all the hairstyles in detail. 

Sleek and Straight

Want a more polished look? Straighten your body wave 4×4 lace closure wig using a flat iron. For more depth, create a sleek middle part or a side portion. Use a heat protectant spray for the perfect finish.

Loose Waves

For daily wear, you can prefer loose waves with Sinkor Hair’s 4×4 body wave closure. It would create a laid-back, beachy vibe while adding texture and movement to your strands.

Half-Up Half-Down with Waves

Embrace a romantic, feminine look by setting up your body wave 4×4 Lace closure into a half-up, half-down style. Let the bottom half of your waves flow freely. Gather the top part of your hair into a half-up style and secure it using a hair tie or clip. 

Water Wave 2 bundle with 4×4 closure



Wearing Sinkor Hair’s water wave 4x4 closure with bundles may have endless benefits. With its durable, high-quality Remy hair, all you can embrace is lasting and natural-looking styles. Swiss lace is its base material, which offers excellent breathability and comfort.

The double weft sealing design of the water wave 2 bundles with 4×4 closure allows your extensions to last long, even through challenging activities. Thus, you can expect no shedding or weakening.

Hairstyles you Can Make

The hairstyles you can make with the water wave 2 bundle 4x4 closure are ponytail, beachy waves and much more! Give a look to the details:

Top Knot

Go for the high-top knot if you are going to have a day of running errands or hanging out with your buddies. Create a high-top knot with your hair and get a hair tie to secure it.

Ponytail with Waves

Make a simple ponytail with waves and wrap a little portion of hair around the base to hide the hair tie. Let the water wave 2 bundle with 4×4 closure cascade down your back.

Beachy Waves

Create loose, beachy waves for any casual day outing with your pals. Let the water wave 2 bundles air dry, or use a diffuser and embrace its natural texture. 

Straight 2 bundle with 4×4 closure



The Straight 2 bundle with 4×4 closure is perfect for everything from versatility to durability. Aside from creating unique hairstyles, you can enjoy a seamless and manageable hair experience.

Sinkor Hair assures less tangling and shedding by utilizing natural human hair with full cuticle alignment in the Straight 2 bundle with 4×4 closure. Also, the natural-looking hair color of this 4x4 lace closure can be easily dyed or bleached. 

Hairstyles you Can Make

Straight 2 bundle 4x4 closure provides you many options to style your hairs in different ways. These include: 

Classic Ponytail

Create a nice, sleek ponytail to embrace a chic, timeless hairstyle. Whether you want to keep the ponytail high or low is all up to you.

Side Part

For a sleek, eye-catching look, make a deep side part in your hair and tuck a portion behind your ear. Use a flat iron to make your curls straighter and smoother.

Blunt Bob

Those with shorter hair can consider the blunt bob style with the straight 2 bundle with 4×4 closure. This elegant, contemporary style is perfect for creating an impression.


The 4×4 lace closures can be a boon for all the women seeking versatility and natural appeal in their hairstyles. Since it is suitable for several hairstyles, it is among the most preferable natural wigs. This can be a perfect choice if you are seeking something natural-looking. You will not regret buying the 4×4 closure wig. Also, it does not require much effort to install, manage, and style.

At Sinkor Hair Salon, we provide not only top-quality 4x4 lace closure wigs but also a comprehensive range of effective hair care products

Our experts are here for you to help you explore new styles and achieve flawless hair. Visit Sinkor Hair Store today to meet your real self and take your haircare routine to new heights.

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