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Don’t you think of getting beautiful long hair like a celebrity or a Disney princess like Rapunzel? Long hairs are a dream of most women, but most women do not get long tresses for many different reasons. In this case, extensions are the best choice for them. Extensions add volume and length to the hair, making you look like a diva. 

You may have naturally long hair, but you can enhance your look by using extensions in your natural hair. Whether looking for romantic curls or dazzling straight hair, extensions can transform the entire look of your hair in hours; sometimes, it may even take minutes. If you are looking for a hair extension salon Middletown Delaware, the first name that comes to mind is Sinkor Hair. 

What Are Hair Extensions?

These extensions, also called hair weaves, are made of two hair types- natural and synthetic. These hairs are closely affixed to the scalp to add thickness, length, or color to the real hair. Some are permanent hair extensions, whereas some are temporary. Some extensions are long-lasting that can last up to an entire year. Extensions are matched in texture and color of the actual hair so that people do not identify whether you are wearing them or not. 

Professional extension salon offers good quality human hair that you can wash, color, and condition like your hair. The synthetic extensions are also made of various good quality synthetic fibers that you can easily find in beauty stores. You must invest in high-quality extensions made with human hair for their long-lasting effect. You can also go for budget-friendly synthetic, but it may not last long. Also, artificial extensions require high maintenance as they can quickly get tangled or burnt easily with heat-styling tools. 

Why Opt For Extensions For Your Hair?

There are several positive reasons why women should opt for extensions. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • You can get the hair of your style, color, and texture. 
  • Add extra volume to the thin hair and improve the look. 
  • Increase the length to the short hair or hair with poor growth. 
  • You can give any color to your hair without fear of damage to the original hair. 
  • Free to try any hairstyle without sticking to one. 
  • You can even remove the extension any time you want. 
  • The extension processes for your hair are pain-free. 

What Are The Different Types Of Extensions Available For Your Hair?

Sinkor Hair offers a variety of hair extension solutions according to the customer’s needs. Each extension has its advantages and disadvantages to applying to your hair. Below are the five different types of extensions. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions


These hair wefts come in contoured pieces attached to silicone or fabric base. The hair clips are affixed to this base and make it ready for use. You have to clip these contoured hair pieces to the actual hair. It has a super-easy process that you can do on your own. 

Getting your extensions ready at home usually takes 5-15 minutes. These are the permanent style of extensions you can put and remove whenever you want. It is one of the least damaging extensions as there is no use of chemicals, pressure, heat, or other installation methods. These extensions provide zero damage to your hair. 

Tape-In Hair Extensions


Like the first one, this extension comes in wefts and is simple to apply. It comes with single or double-sided tapes attached to it and the clips stuck between the hair. You may need to take the help of your hairdresser as you need to align the extension with roots and then use a heating tool to heat the glue. 

In addition, to remove them, you require a glue remover and then reinstall them. This complete application process may take approx 40 minutes to 1 hour. You can even reuse these extensions if they are in good condition. 

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Sew-In/Weave-In Extensions


It is a delicate way to apply extensions to natural hair. In this method, the weave hair is first attached with the real hair into the cornrows and then sewn using a needle or thread. This extension is mainly suggested for people with high-volume hair. It is one of the flawless and most permanent extensions sewn into your actual hair. 

The hair extension is a lengthy process that takes several hours to complete. Also, it must be done very carefully as the tight application may force your scalp and make you feel uncomfortable. You must be sure that you always choose an expert for getting this kind of extension. 

Fusion Hair Extensions


It is the most critical extension for the hair to be performed only by professionals. The keratin U-tip bond is affixed to the hair’s roots by heating the silicone lining. These are attached to your actual hair using adhesives by setting pre-bonded extensions. It usually takes 3-4 hours for the hairdresser to apply this kind of extension. 

In this type of extension, the risk of damage to actual hair is high. The application involves a glue-like machine that glues the hair to each strand of real hair. Once applied, it can be treated and managed just like your real hair. The extension requires repositioning every 2-3 months to allow the natural hair to grow. 

Microlink Hair Extensions


These are also called micro bead or micro loop extensions. It comes in small bundles or tiny wefts to be tied to the small section of your hair. After that, it is attached and secured with a metal bead using a special tool. There is no use of any adhesive while setting the extension. 

However, this method can damage the hair if not installed correctly. Some extensions come with beads that are affixed easily without the help of any tool. When the beads get too tightened, it can cause pressure on the hair roots. This process takes approx 2-4 hours to get applied to the hair. 

Are you looking for a hair extension?

An extension is excellent if you are looking to opt for it. You can go for any permanent or temporary extension. But, you must use a professional’s help to set it up in your real hair. 

If you want to get an extension done, you can take the service of Sinkor Hair extension in Middletown Delaware. We offer professional service and have experts with a vast number of experience. Our services are even budget-friendly and suitable for all girls and women. 


Finding the right hair salon is essential if you are thinking of extensions. It is always advisable to get extensions done by professionals. You can find many extension salon services, but the best one is Sinkor Hair extension salon Middletown Delaware.

Make your hair look the way you have always wanted them to be with our expert hair extension services. No matter if you are into curls or share a love for wavy or straight hair, our qualified experts will help you achieve any look you want. To book an appointment, call us at (302) 464-3292.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cold and hot fusion extensions are very much similar to each other. But, their techniques are different. The heating tool is used in hot fusion to attach the extension. But in the case of cold fusion extension, there is no need for a heating tool as the hair bond comes with a pre-tipped polymer.

This extension method follows some fragile process in which the risk of damaging the natural hair is high. It can trigger headaches, itchiness, and pain in the scalp. It also requires high maintenance, and there are chances that you can get bacterial infections if you do not wash your hair regularly. But, there are also some good things: there is no need for glue to set the extension, these are long-lasting, and you can use any hair care products.

Tape-In extensions are semi-permanent extensions that use adhesive to set to your natural hair. It lasts up to 4-8 weeks before there is a need to remove them. You can re-apply them, but you must ensure good care of the extensions. It is advisable to use special shampoo and conditioner to keep it stuck to your hair.

Sinkor Hair is a well-known salon for professional hair extensions in Middletown, Delaware. They have the best experts that understand your hair and accordingly provide a suitable extension. They offer both permanent and temporary extensions. Along with this, they also have online stores for high-quality wigs and hair care products.

Extensions can damage your hair, so it is crucial to avoid a few mistakes. Never use poor-quality extensions; find the right color and texture of the extension that matches your real hair, and use a proper amount of actual hair strands to attach with the extensions.

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